Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Assignment #3 Animation

I wanted my animation to truely bring my triptych to life. In the triptych, you are forced to imagine all the different situations that are about to take place and through the animation, I was able to show what I had imagined would happen if everything came to life. I used a lot of flashing and repeatetive movements to give my views a quick upbeat feeling. I created something fun and interesting with the intentions of being able to see something different going on everytime you watch.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Assignment #2 Bite Me

I originally had a much different themed idea for this project, but then I decided to go with the sporadic chaos look. I titled this piece Bite Me, because if you closely look around, all the animals are getting attacked or attacking. As your eyes roam through the triptych, you will see a sort of game being played with all the animals running away, hiding, biting, shooting, and overall creating a huge mess of trouble. Every time I hope you notice something new to look at.

Assignment #1 Then and Now

When I first laid my eyes on this old picture in a Thrift store, my immediate reaction was, "Well, that's definitely not what kids are up to these days." With coming right out and saying that, I attempted to show the different pressures and influences that younger generations have to face in a world where the forbidden are so easy to come across on their own.