Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anti- BLAH BLAH BLAH- by Amanda Carroll and Alli Williams

Alli and I chose to make this item in a fashionable way, so that parents would not feel so ashamed when making their children where them. We designed a comfortable and breathable mask that blocks out 90% of the unwanted noises that escape your child's mouth. That mask comes in pink of blue plaid for you little boy or girl, and you can also buy additional skins to match any outfit or occasion. Everyone wishes they could have something to quiet their children up but feel bad saying so; but we made all their wishes come true! We had a great time making these masks and consequently have even had a few nursing school friends say they would be great for them to wear too!

After coming up with our idea, we came up with the plan of how to make it. We chose to use medical masks and sew on assorted fabics to promote our different designs and make them able to block out more noise. Once we had our product designed, we came up with a way to promote it and designed and ad that could be used in any Chindogu book. After our ad was made, it was time to make a commercial. I found this to be the hardest, but most fun part of the project. I had not yet worked with editing videos in Final Cut, so it was a bit of a challenge, but we figured it out! The video has all of the needed aspects of an informercial. It is quick, catchy, and hilarious!

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