Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Final Projects

Johnny Cash Project

On the Johnny Cash Project you can participate by drawing your interpretation of randomly selected frames from the original video. I chose these two from the ones I was given. I wanted to participate in at least two of them because I felt it would have more impact in myself participating and my contribution to the ongoing project. I wanted to try and get a couple consecutive frames, but I was unable to get any with them being randomly selected every time. http://www.thejohnnycashproject.com/

For the Collected visions project you can choose to write a story about a picture that is already on the site or submit your own work. I chose to submit a picture and a story. Along with the photo and the story I was also asked to submit all addition information via email to the site so that they could use the photo. I took this photo not too long ago while I was babysitting this little boy in a park. I thought the image capture so much desire in the little boy, who is only two and a half in this photo. I knew it would be perfect for making up a story for this project. The short story I submitted was:
Everyday I come to this park to play in the dirt, get pushed on a swing, and crawl up the slide. I only wish I was big enough to see over that net or even know how to get past this fence. One day I will be big and strong and get to do the things I want to do, not the things I am helped with or told to do. http://cvisions.nyu.edu/mantle/info.html 

The fourth piece I chose to participate in was one of the "Assignments" on Learn to Love Yourself More. The assignment I chose was to draw a constellation from your freckles. I knew this was perfect for me because I have so many random little freckles on my arms and for my entire life I have always starred at this group of them that make the Big Dipper. I have always thought it was funny and I am glad I get to share it through this project. http://learningtoloveyoumore.com/reports/9/9.php

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